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About our buildings


At Yoder's Quality Buildings in Rural Retreat VA we want you to get value for your hard earned money. Our portable buildings are built according to VA and NC Engineer Stamped Prints(available below). Our buildings are available in two basic styles.  The Lofted Barn and the A roofed, Utility style.  In these two styles, we offer portable buildings for sale designed as: Storage Buildings, Cabins, and Garages; in sizes up to 16'x54!  We offer a variety of doors and windows and can add or remove them as well as placing them where you need them in your building. Our buildings are also available with basic electrical packages as well as closed cell spray foam insulation!  We will discuss some of our basic construction materials and techniques below.   

Floor Systems


The floor system is something that is easily overlooked because you can't see it; however, it's one of the most important parts of a well built structure. Our floor systems start with 4x6 pressure treated runners that are notched to receive our 2x6 pressure treated floor joists placed 16" on center. The standard flooring in our cabins and storage sheds is 5/8" LP ProStruct, with an available upgrade to 3/4" Advantech or LP Legacy. Our Garages feature 3/4" flooring and our 2x6 treated joists on 12" centers as standard features.

Wall Construction

The walls in our wood sided buildings are constructed of 2x4 studs placed 16" on center with a double stud every 48". An Upgrade to a double top plate is available. They are sided with LP Smartpanel which features a 50 year warranty.

Our metal sided building is studded 24" on center with a double stud every 48" and covered with 7/16" OSB under our 30 year metal siding.


Trusses and Roofing

Our trusses are designed and built in house, specifically for our buildings.  Constructed of 2x4 lumber, with an upgrade to 2x6 available; each truss is reinforced with pressed in, steel gang plates at every joint. Our trusses are placed 24" on center on all 8', 10', and 12' wide buildings. 14' and 16' wide buildings have trusses placed 16" on center. Our trusses are tied to the top plate with a 4" Hurricane Screw in every other truss. Our trusses are topped with 7/16" OSB and 30 year roofing metal in the color of your choice.

Finishes and Colors

Our LP Smartpanel wood sided buildings are sprayed with a durable solid urethane coating available in 12 standard colors. Custom colors are also available to make your building uniquely yours!  Our LP Smartside Trim is painted and available in 14 standard colors to complement your roof and siding.  Our metal roof and siding is also available in the 14 "trim" colors.

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